Made for Modulus

Other SSL providers are generic. They willfully provide SSL certificates for any server and platform, but with zero instruction on how to configure or install them on Modulus.

It's very possible to flail around for hours trying to install SSL and still end up with a site that:

  • Doesn't use the latest recommended SSL settings
  • Doesn't work on all browsers
  • Is 'brittle' and can't be updated quickly when a SSL exploit like Heartbleed is uncovered.

Our support doesn't stop after the SSL certificate is issued (like the other guys) - but we won't stop until your site is fully secured.

The 'No Cryptic Commands' Buy and Install SSL Option

We’ve beaten the complexity and uncertainty out of the SSL purchase and installation process so that you never have to worry if in pasting a certificate to your local machine to merge it with another you let a stray \n silently creep in (which you won’t realize until five steps later when you get an unhelpful error message that your certificate is unrecognized and possibly corrupt).

Secure Choices Baked In

We setup your SSL certificate according to the latest security recommendations, so that you don’t have to worry about making bad choices about key sizes, intermediate certificates or certificate installation.

Rapid Issuance

We’re the fastest way to go from zero to an issued SSL certificate. Your site can be secured in as little as 20 minutes.

Early Warnings about Errors

Slightly misconfigure any of the twenty steps necessary to manually setup a SSL certificate and you’ll let a subtle security error slip through to production. We’ll check your overall settings every step of the way; to make sure your site is set before users see it.

After installation, we'll continue to monitor your site and setup and alert you to any potential issues.

We'll even rekey and reissue your cert as needed.

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